Trump Touting Rural America Agenda


Clements: President Trump pledged his support to farmers and ranchers during his address.

President of the United States, Donald Trump, announced major tax and regulation cuts, along with the promise of improved rural broadband, in an address at the American Farm Bureau in Nashville, Tennessee yesterday.

Central to the report will be the assessment that the "provider for an equalization among rural America is connectivity; that high-speed internet should remain a high priority for the administration", said Ray Starling, the special assistant to the president for agriculture, trade and food assistance.

During the speech, the president also signed an executive order to promote better access to broadband internet service for rural communities.

Trump highlighted the tax cuts put through Congress in late 2017, stating: "Small and mid-sized businesses will receive massive tax cuts".

Trump's comments about the reduced estate tax - also known as the "death tax" - drew a standing ovation at the Farm Bureau's national gathering, and it was a boast Trump seemed to relish making. He said the "sleeper in the bill" is the ability for American farmers to deduct 100% of the cost of new equipment in the year the investment is made.

Trump is the first USA president to address the farmer's group in a quarter-century.

The address Monday was the first by a USA president to the group since 1992, and Trump stressed things he has recently signed into law, including tax cuts and deregulation, that he said would propel the US farming community.

Trump, surrounded by a supportive audience of farmers and agriculture executives, cast himself as the first president in decades to focus on rural America and argued that the new tax law allows more farmers to keep money in their pockets and reinvest in their companies. There had been reports that Trump was wavering about supporting crop insurance in a new farm bill, a concept Roberts supports.

"You see it happening every day", Trump said. "And throughout our history, farmers have always, always, always led the way", Trump said.

President Trump says his administration is fighting on behalf of farmers, and every decision his administration makes honors America's proud farming legacy. Despite all that, Trump did not give anyone the right to vote-it is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. The other calls on the Department of the Interior to install broadband towers on property it manages, a potentially vast portfolio of national parks, wildlife refuges and Indian territories.

Lauding other regulatory repeals, Trump said, "We're restoring the rule of law and protecting our cherished Second Amendment", reinforcing his point with a rifle-shooting gesture.