Elon Musk accidentally Tweets his personal mobile number to 16 million people


"My cell is." the tweet read before listing a phone number.

The billionaire meant to share the number with Oculus Virtual Reality (VR) Co-founder John Carmack late on Tuesday perhaps as a private direct message, asking him to give a call.

Musk Tweeted, 'Do you have a sec to talk?

Musk's message got many thinking that he might want to lure Carmack away from Oculus and over to Tesla. OpenAI and Neuralink are two companies focused on artificial intelligence, The Boring Company is laying the groundwork for potential Hyperloop subways, Tesla Motors is advancing self-driving vehicle technology with machine learning and computer vision and SpaceX is now pushing humanity towards the colonization of Mars.

Tesla didn't immediately return a request for comment about why Musk was reaching out to Carmack.

Before diving into virtual reality, Carmack built a company that attempted to make a craft for suborbital space tourism. It is easy to see John Carmack's brilliant mind fit in at any of those companies, but a Facebook spokeswoman said Carmack doesn't plan to leave the company. Still, he's maintained an interest in the sector and has interacted with Musk over Twitter before.

'Somehow you've found your way here to me. Instead his ringing music (or potentially voicemail greeting) was a message recorded by God of War creator David Jaffe.

The phone number Musk provided goes to an answering machine.