Google search results: Here's what Ireland searched for most in 2017


The internet giant has revealed the most searched for terms and questions of 2017, and the cryptocurrency takes two slots on the list of most popular "How to" searches, as well as featuring in the "What is" top ten. The number one search was Irma.

Last year's most searched terms included Prince, Powerball and Hillary Clinton, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Hurricane Irma was the top search for both global and U.S. users. Worldwide, the second and third spots were for Bitcoin and the Las Vegas shooting. Google news trends in the United States focused on natural disasters including hurricanes Harvey, Jose, and Maria. It is followed by iPhone X in the second position, video game console Nintendo Switch in the third, Samsung Galaxy S8 in the fourth and Xbox One X in the fifth position.

"We used data from Google Trends and filtered out spam and repeat queries to build lists that best reflect the spirit of 2017", the company said. Google lists searches such as "how to calm a dog during a storm", "how to help flood victims", "how to help refugees", "how to help Puerto Rico", "how to help Mexico", "how to help Las Vegas", and many more.

While it's far from the only major story in 2017, what's breathtaking about these results is how the recent reckoning about awful behavior by men in power came to overtake the news cycle in the final quarter of the year and how, as more allegations surface every day, it continues to grow.

Hurricanes also dominated the year-end lists as much as they dominated the news cycles and our oceans.

"In these moments and others, our collective humanity shined as we asked "how to help" more than ever before", Google notes.