Stan Collymore says Liverpool were not ruthless enough against Everton


Now we can stop the interview because I only want to talk to people that have [at least] a little bit of understanding about football.

Klopp says that teams have to find the balance between enjoying themselves and respecting their opponents.

Klopp had caused some surprise pre-match by putting both Firmino and Philippe Coutinho, who had scored two goals at Brighton and Hove Albion in their previous league match, but he said he was rotating his side with one eye on the busy festive period of games ahead. "The information I had to give would be the same but now I am completely relaxed but it was five minutes after the game and I was not relaxed", he said.

But, the Reds can not hide from the fact they struggle to protect a lead with questions continuing about the strength of their defence and the decision-making of Lovren. I don't like it but I am pretty sure I can not change it because I felt like this in this moment and I am not an actor, I can not act differently. I felt like this in the moment and I'm not an actor, so I can not act differently.

"But meanwhile I can keep myself that calm that nothing serious happens in situations like this".

"I don't think anyone really remembers it, or would watch back and think that it was "hilarious" or "legendary" - it was just an interview". "It was just an interview, nothing else". "One team celebrates, the other doesn't like it - it's obvious. We have heard Klopp come on and say it was a awful call and there's only one team were going to win it, well have a look at your own team selection".

"It's like everything, it's allowed as long as there's respect. Usually you win a game like this with the chances we created".

"There's music and sometimes shouts, but that's how it is". For all these games I really think if we have the quality in the squad that we have we have to use it.