Ready Player One first trailer is out


Cline didn't give any details on the plot or premise of the book, but said that he had the chance to bounce a few ideas off of Spielberg.

Following the sneak peek from Comic Con, the new trailer focuses on the contrast between overpopulated Columbus, Ohio in 2045 - where Ty Sheridan's protagonist lives in "the Stacks", a towering city of mobile homes - and "the Oasis", a paradise of endless possibilities where society goes to escape.

From filmmaker Steven Spielberg comes the science fiction action adventure "Ready Player One", based on Ernest Cline's bestseller of the same name, which has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Mark Rylance (Dunkirk, The BFG) as OASIS founder James Halliday, who left behind a huge pop culture Easter egg hunt in the alternate world before he passed away. The person who finds it wins $500 billion and control of the Oasis. Why this shiny new poster they also just released which has the internet rolling on the floor from too many LOLs; what is going on with Wade Watts' one leg? If you can believe it, the movie's newest trailer contains even more blink-and-you'll-miss-it references than the first one, from DeLoreans to Iron Giants to Overwatch characters.

No one could accuse Spielberg of repeating himself (he famously dislikes his own sequels and prefers fresh projects as much as possible), and the vibrant, anime-inspired and immersive 3D aesthetic here is unlike anything we've ever seen from him.

Take a look at the latest trailer.

We aren't sure if the heroes will have their special abilities but if they do you'll be in for a treat. It will arrive in theatres on March 30, 2018. Ernest Cline will be writing a sequel to the story so stay tuned for that.