Apple iPhone and iPad users can now pre-order apps


Developers will be able to make their apps available to pre-order on the App Store 90 days prior to the launch.

Other than the preorder apps feature, Apple also launched various new features for Sales and Trends. Pre-booking is typically used for buying products like phones ahead of time to guarantee a unit, which isn't really a problem with apps. Soon after the pre-ordered app is release, it will automatically be downloaded on your Apple device. On Monday, Apple also allowed developers to offer the introductory offers and the auto renewable subscription of the App Store. That's available in the US but it doesn't appear to have come to the App Store in United Kingdom and other global markets just yet.

Both free and paid apps will be available for pre-order on App store.

In case you need to submit a new version update or change the pricing and availability of your app you can do so during the pre-order period. In order for pre-orders to be available, users must be running iOS 11.2, tvOS 11.2, or macOS 10.13.2 or later.

As of this morning, the fake MEW app has been removed from the store; but it was reported that over the weekend it rose to the third rank in Apple's Finance App section. Customers will then be notified once the app is released which will then be automatically downloaded on to their device. The automatic download will only happen when users are connected to a Wi-Fi network or using their mobile data.

The fake app has been available in the app store for over a week according to TechCrunch. Apple is sure to monitor its success closely and we could see pre-orders spread beyond apps in the future. The official rollout, on Tuesday, means that all developers will now be able to take advantage of the feature.