Apple issues iOS update to fix bug that crashed phones


The issue was reported in many countries. If your iPhone isn't crashing yet, update to iOS 11.2 now to avoid this 12/2 notification bug altogether.

As we told earlier the new feature is called the Apple Pay Cash and this will allow users to send cash by linking a debit card or a credit card. Now the service is only available for users in the United States, though it is yet to be activated. Nonetheless, I'm staring at the release notes for iOS 11.2, a significant update of iOS that Apple released overnight. And while circumstances forced Apple to launch the update early and thus add support for Apple Pay Cash to millions of iPhone models, the company still needs to flip the switch that turns on the feature.

Apple has started to release iOS 11.2 ahead of the schedule to fix a number of bugs, including the much publicized date bug.

iOS 11 is by far the most advanced iOS update released by the giant Apple.

ZDNet explains that when you receive those notifications the bug causes processor usage in your phone to spike to 100 percent. If you are affected by the bug, you would have to follow certain steps if you want a seamless iOS 11.2 download.

The iOS 11.2 brings some UI changes for the iPhone X. For instance, now there is a small bar underneath the status bar icons which is located at the upper right of the Lock Screen.

But not all is lost for iPhone owners and a simple fix will quickly rectify the issue.

If that's too vague for iPhone users to understand, look for workout apps, medication reminder and similar apps that require local/scheduled notifications.

This week has been really bad for Apple.

Hey, could be worse: It's not as bad as the macOS High Sierra flaw that allowed anyone to get administrative access to virtually any user account just by clicking unlock a bunch of times.