Trump proposes media Hunger Games, victor gets 'Fake News Trophy'


CNN fought back Monday against President Donald Trump's latest attack, with anchor Wolf Blitzer saying that no matter how many insults, "even the loudest critics can't silence the facts".

CNN shot back, tweeting that its Trump's job to represent the the world.

Stelter said Trump's tweet, whether by design or coincidence, "reads like an invitation to undemocratic regimes around the world to harass CNN journalists with the blessing of the US president".

Photo President Trump returned to the White House on Sunday after a week in Florida at his club, Mar-a Lago.

The takeaway? Twitter thinks Trump's continuous threats toward CNN aren't just a nuisance - they're a blow to principles of free speech and press freedom.

It's interesting that Trump is attempting to paint America's leading news networks as liars when he's now wrapped himself up in his own web of falsehoods. CNN's Christiane Amanpour would know - she tweeted a video of herself running away from the sound of bullets while reporting overseas.

Russian president Vladimir Putin recently signed a law that will make foreign media outlets like CNN International register as "foreign agents". As Thomas Jefferson said, it "cannot be limited without being lost".

Trump has also been critical of the proposed merger of telecommunications giant AT&T and media company Time Warner, which owns CNN, calling it last week "a deal that's not good for the country".

"I promise I did not tell him to use that word", Trump said.

The president went on the attack again against CNN, and it seems to have backfired!

Left out of his challenge: Fox News, the network most likely to have favorable news coverage of his administration.