Crabtree, Talib Ejected for Fighting During Raiders-Broncos Game


Denver Broncos cornerback and captain Aqib Talib was ejected during the first quarter of Sunday's matchup against the Oakland Raiders following a brawl with wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

Last year, Crabtree called Talib "childish" for ripping his chain when the duo squared off in a sideline shoving match, and on Sunday, Crabtree couldn't prevent the thievery again.

Talib and Crabtree had moments in last season's two meetings when they were close to a confrontation, including when Talib ripped a necklace off Crabtree during a game. Gabe Jackson, a Pro Bowl offensive lineman for the Raiders, was also ejected for contact with an official.

There's a history behind this.


Crabtree lost his helmet and threw a few wild swings before being quelled. I think he's fake. Harris was injured on the play and as he walked off the field with trainers he turned back to complain to the ref, swinging his arm up in an uppercut-like motion. "But if you doing all that, snatching chains after the whistle in front of the ref". "You see the dude and what he's doing in front of me".

This wasn't the first rematch since that happened, but it's the first one that Crabtree played in.

The Broncos and Raiders played earlier this year as Denver beat Oakland, 16-10, in Week 4.