Kris Jenner revealed baby costumes, hinting at the pregnancy daughters


The reality TV star was talking about her dogs, but the phrase did create a little confusion for some people.

A different source revealed to PEOPLE a week ago that Jenner "is just believing her dearest companions and her sisters at the present time".

With seriously strong rumours about both Khloe and Kylie being pregnant, everyone's thinking that Kris is pretty much confirming the whole thing. "She's always been insecure that she's not as curvy or pretty as her sisters".

In the caption, she wrote: "Thank you so much #burtsbeesbaby@burtsbeesbaby#bbbfamjams for the most unbelievable collection of family jammies ever and i am obsessed with the plaid!" The latest, from PEOPLE, reveals that Kylie will continue to be out of the spotlight to "focus on her health and happiness".

In a post on Instagram, Kris Jenner showed off several sets of Christmas pjs for her grandkids.

"She feels good, but her body is changing".

However, with Thanksgiving being in full swing, Miss Jenner chose to share that she has a lot of things to be thankful for and her statement has opened the door to more speculations. At the moment, she wants more privacy. Pictured: Jenner attends a launch party for the Kendall + Kylie fashion line at TopShop on June 3, 2015 in Los Angeles.

"My friends are my family!" 'She talks about the baby nonstop'.

We can't help but think that the choice of the word "babies" was premeditated.

The family may be tight-lipped for now, but it's safe to say we'll be hearing one way or another from them in the near future.

The nine sets are labelled with the names of Dream, Saint, Reign, Penelope and Mason.

And sure, even Khloé has called Kylie "the new Rob" on this season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, alluding to her recent absence from the spotlight.