Early orders of Google Pixel Buds are now shipping


Ever since Google started selling the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL in the market, things have gone bad to worst. This one bears a relation to Bluetooth, one of the Google Pixel's old nemeses, but it's an issue that's unlikely to disrupt too many users. "It does not work when doing normal phone calls and in assistant, voice recognition or voice recording apps".

Google has offered the Activity Recognition API to third-party developers for several years already, enabling them to build applications that need to know what activity a user is now engaged in, be it running, walking, cycling or, indeed, driving.

The complaints are the latest in a long string of faults identified by users of Google's flagship £900 smartphone.

The above video shows the flashing screen issue that Pixel 2 XL users are facing.

According to the reports, this issue isn't resolved by the Android 8.1 update, and it occurs with a number of different headphone brands (and on both the Pixel 2 and 2 XL).

Certain users claim blowing into the bottom speaker grills sometimes solves the issue. Either Google has cheapened out by relying on a slightly older OLED panel to save a dime with the Pixel 2 or LG has refused to sell their best OLED panels. The other big issue sounds like a hardware concern as it affects the microphone of the Pixel 2.

Sadly, the only solution is to replace the screen entirely, which is less than ideal for users just weeks into using the device.

Bluetooth issues plagued the last Pixel devices - and its a system that causes trouble on many other electronics products too - but it doesn't seem like something that's going to be too hard to address. Apparently, there is a fix that might bring the microphone back to work. Unfortunately, no software update can stop the degradation of screen coating.