Netflix Users Received Scam Email Asking For Credit Card Info


The company says the membership restart scam starts with a personalized email that appears to come from Netflix with the subject line, "Your suspension notification".

There's an email scam is trying to gather personal information of the 110 million users on the streaming service.

The emails in question include a link leading to a fake Netflix login page (created on a compromised WordPress blog) which further asks for users' credit card information, billing address, driver's license, etc. More importantly, it contains a link, in which, when clicked, takes the anxious subscribers to a fake Netflix webpage that requires them to input their log-in details, as well as their credit card number.

Netflix subscribers are being targeted by an email scam, which warns their accounts are about to be suspended.

Police are warning those who receive the email to avoid clicking on any links or open attachments from any trusted organisation.

According to MailGuard, a website which tracks email security issues, this scam is relatively well-designed and could fool some users.

The page looks legitimate with a Netflix logo and popular Netflix shows like The Crown and House of Cards, Deadline reports.

As usual, always be sure to double check any emails purporting to be from a company that you have a relationship with, especially if it's asking you to click on a link within the message.

Netflix said it is aware of the ongoing scam, adding that the company takes security seriously and has measures in place to detect fraudulent activity.