George HW Bush blasts Trump in new book: 'I don't like him'


George Bush Sr and Jr, two former United States presidents, have never liked Donald Trump, and now they have gone on record with their blunt assessment of him, calling him a "blowhard" who doesn't know what it means to be the president of the country. "Donald Trump is everything that the Bush family is not".

The criticism isn't really surprising considering that it comes shortly after the younger Bush gave a speech in which he didn't actually name the president but made it abundantly clear he wasn't happy with the current administration.

"I don't like him".

Both former presidents have candidly voiced concerns about Trump's leadership ability.

Bush told Updegrove that he worries that he may be the last Republican to hold the office of the presidency.

In an upcoming book being released by historian Mark Updegrove, the elder Bush was quoted calling Trump a "blowhard", while the younger Bush said he doesn't believe Trump knows what it means to be president, adding that he believe he will be the last true Republican president. Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, President Trump criticized George W. Bush, claiming that he lied about the Iraq war.

Trump, who doesn't like them either and shares a complicated relationship with all the living former presidents, will have something to say about it soon enough, given how he prides in his ability to counter-punch.

The Bushes have despised Trump for decades, Brinkley said, citing reports that the elder Bush snubbed Trump as his running mate in the 1992 election.

And not only did the Bush presidents lament the prospect of a Trump presidency in 2016, Updegrove wrote that they also shunned their party's nominee on Election Day. However, at the time, he thought Bush was more concerned that Clinton would win the presidency, not Trump.