Everyone's congratulating the Twitter employee who deleted Donald Trump's account


An employee at social media website Twitter closed down the personal account of US President Donald Trump for 11 minutes, Twitter said Thursday.

In a tweeted statement, the company said Trump's account was "inadvertently deactivated due to human error" by one of its employees.

Another person familiar with Twitter operations, speaking on condition of anonymity, said employees now can not post from a user's account, change or even view a user's password, which is encrypted.

Let the man who hasn't fantasized about shutting up Trump permanently by breaking his baby hands cast the first stone at the Twitter employee.

A Twitter customer support employee performed the community service on his last day.

They did so after government lawyers argued in papers three weeks ago that a court should conclude Trump can choose not to hear some voices in an online account he began when he was a private citizen.

But Twitter, as in the people on Twitter, wanted Twitter the company to promise that person a raise and more. Trump has used Twitter to announce policies.

A company representative declined to answer questions including how many employees can suspend an account or what special protections there are for high-profile users like Trump.

Twitter in response to concerns said it would be "conducting a full internal review". Trump's official White House account, @POTUS, has 20.9 million followers.

President Donald Trump's Twitter page.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a former Twitter employee said it was unlikely a worker with suspension privileges would also be able to hijack an account to send out messages. According to The New York Times, via unnamed sources, the person responsible was a contract employee. "I guess the word must finally be getting out-and having an impact", he wrote. Trump did not react to the temporary account removal until almost 12 hours later.