Valve introduces Steam Digital Gift Cards, now available worldwide


With the holidays approaching at a rapid clip, Valve Corporation's digital game store Steam unveiled new digital gift cards in addition to those available at retailers such as GameStop and Best Buy. You'll have to follow the link, and they can only be sent through Steam to people on your friends list. Users sign into their Steam account, select the amount you wish to gift and the recipient and then the funds will then be transferred straight to the recipients Steam Wallet. Buy one for a friend in another region and it'll get converted to your pal's local currency.

Gifting of digital games on the store has been in place for quite some time, though the previous system involved sending specific digital games or items to players on the store. Hopefully they don't spend all your gift money on loot boxes. Physical gift cards will continue to be sold and operate as usual.

More information on the service is available on Valve's Steam Gift Card page. That said, the refund may come in the form of Steam Wallet credit if the original purchase method doesn't support Steam's refund.

Steam wallet codes from physical gift cards do not have country restrictions, and users can redeem codes to the currency of their Steam wallet.

Personalize the gift card with a custom name, message and signature. The new digital gift cards option adds another option to the gifting process. Now, a user can purchase the game as a gift and give the other user the option to accept or decline the game.