MIAA hits a bogey with Emily Nash golf call


Lunenburg (Mass.) High junior Emily Nash shot the lowest score - a 75 - in the Central Mass. Division 3 boys' golf tournament at Blissful Meadows.

But that unfair advantage is no longer an argument: Nash hit from the same tees as the guys. Not only did she compete, she dominated the field, posting a three-over score that was four shots better than anyone else in the competition.

If the men of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association were paying attention to other names in the news - like, say, Mark Halperin, John Besh and George H.W. Bush - perhaps they would have made it a point to learn Nash's. As stated in the official MIAA 2017 Fall Golf format, "Girls playing on a fall boys team can not be entered in the boys fall individual tournament".

When girls and women first began playing in male golf tournaments, there was a justifiable outcry that they should not claim awards or high finishes if they were allowed to hit from the women's tees, which are set up at shorter distances from the greens than the men's tees used by the boys.

The result should have seen her given the opportunity to play at the state high school golf championships.

Emily's score on Tuesday only counted toward the team's total, which was not enough to qualify for the state tournament.

Despite her disappointment Nash is not calling for a rule change.

In a gesture of sportsmanship, Nico, who was awarded the first-place trophy offered Emily, the rightful victor, his trophy, but she declined to accept.

The MIAA released a statement on Thursday US time, refusing to budge despite calls for Nash to be awarded the Central Massachusetts Division 3 Boys' Golf Tournament trophy. "Just because she's a girl, that gets taken away". In the case of golf, these tournaments exist in two different seasons. To offer an opportunity for team play to all MIAA member school students, female golfers have been welcomed to participate on a boys team in the fall if their school did not sponsor a girls golf team in the spring. Approximately 26 female golfers participated in 2017 fall boys golf tournaments.

Anything boys can do, girls can do better.