You'll never have to leave work again with Amazon Key


This is real? They want to get into our homes?

The courier will then have to swipe their phone's screen to unlock the door, deliver the package, and finally relock the door with another swipe.

Are there special drivers for in-home delivery?

But Amazon Key adds an unpredictable element back into the tech-efficient equation, one that typically companies like Amazon are trying to do away with: humans.

Customers will get notified when their deliveries arrive, as well as a short video that shows the courier dropping their packages off to make sure everything is in order.

The entire system will work off whatever the e-commerce giant learned from building the Alexa device ecosystem and its applications in smart home systems.

- Kelsey (@PoliticKels) October 25, 2017Amazon: do we have permission to leave your package using Amazon Key? The advent of remote security cameras and smart locks has made fulfillment of this need a reality.

The service is called Amazon Key, and it relies on a Amazon's new Cloud Cam and compatible smart lock.

One area Mortimer can imagine a service similar to Amazon Key working is the grocery home delivery space, which has recently seen local retailers struggle with ways of coordinating deliveries effectively with customers.

"Using the Amazon Key app, customers stay in control and can track their delivery with real-time notifications, watch the delivery happening live or review a video of the delivery after it is complete", Amazon said in a statement. AWS cloud power means that over time you will see more advanced detection, alerts, and other new features become available in the service and on the camera itself.

Amazon key - shifting my anxiety over stolen packages on my doorstep to strangers hiding in my closet.

But some other service personnel can use the device for entry ― as long as they're booked through the Amazon Home Services program.

"The Chicago Tribunes's Robert Channick points out that the service is "[arriving] just in time for the holiday season, when porch piracy is at its peak.

But buying those components - the Amazon Cloud Cam and Amazon Key-compatible smart lock - could be a bit pricey.

You can also select "Block Access" in the Amazon Key app at any time to block a courier from having access to your home.

Yes, as long as the delivery driver can access and enter your front door.

However, even if you're sold on the idea of letting a stranger step inside and deliver your packages, lawyer Bob Steinberg said there are a few more things prospective Key adopters should keep in mind. In the coming months, it says Key will be integrated with over 1,200 service providers across 60 professions.

Those simply wanting to let in friends or other guests will also have that option.