Microsoft Officially Kills Xbox's Kinect, Stops Manufacturing It


The device sold around 35 million units since its debut in November 2010, reports Fast Co Design. Ever since Microsoft's latest console was first announced, alongside the fact that the Kinect would be bundled with every Xbox One, the more dedicated gamers scoffed at the device.

Essentially, the device was Microsoft's answer to the Nintendo Wii as more and more console companies, including Sony, wanted to get gamer's off of their couches. Microsoft's HoloLens uses Kinect technology. While the Kinect feature was fun, allowing you to aim and switch weapons with your hands, a lot of the time it was simply easier to use a controller, negating the need for Kinect at all. The series Kinect Sports games from Rare and the Dance Central games were highlights but licenced titles failed to impress.

In 2013, Microsoft introduced an updated version of the Kinect with the Xbox One.

"The important thing about Kinect is it showed you could have an low-priced depth camera". What that means is that Microsoft is no longer producing any new units of the Kinect.

But Microsoft said it hasn't entirely given up on the Kinect.

There are no words to describe how I feel when I sit down in front of the Xbox One for a little gaming and it pops up "Welcome Eric!" because it knows me.

For all intents and purposes, this was the death knell for Kinect and todays announcement just put the final nail in the coffin that was made three years ago. Microsoft unbundled the Kinect from the Xbox One in 2014, while following iterations of the console - Xbox One S and Xbox One X - did not have a dedicated port for the Kinect.

Although manufacturing has shut down for Kinect, Microsoft still sees that its technology will continue to have a bright future for the company. If (for some reason) you're in the market for a Kinect, you may want to snatch one up now before they're all gone.