Pokemon Go Adds a New Shiny Pokemon for Halloween


The Pokemon GO Halloween event 2017 is knocking at the door, and trainers that participate can look forward to some pretty exciting stuff.

The next generation of Pokémon will include over 100 new characters, which will gradually start to show up.

Witch-Hat Pikachu can also be found and captured in the wild during the Halloween event. Pokemon across all generations befitting the spooky nature of Halloween such as Gastly, Cubone, and Drowzee will appear more often, trainers will earn twice as much Candy from catching, hatching, and transferring Pokemon, and your assigned Buddy will find Candy twice as fast. But before you start running around in the snow trying to capture Pokemon native to the Hoenn region, you can get a taste of what's coming starting this week.

While dataminers discovered image assets for Shiny versions of all five new Ghost-Type Pokemon, it appears that only the Shiny Sableye is now available in-game. Sableye is one of the five new Ghost-Type Pokemon that was added to the game to celebrate the Halloween season. Finally, players can obtain "special boxes" in the in-game shop containing Raid Passes and Super Incubators. First, you can change your avatar for the event by having it wear Mimikyu's Disguise Hat.

The developers of Pokemon Go confirmed today in a blog post that Gen. 3 Pokemon are arriving, the first of those through a Halloween event. So, the more you walk, hatch, and otherwise farm your Pokemon, the more food you can stuff them full of and level them up. According to the Pokemon GO website, it all begins on October 20th at 12 PM Pacific Time, and it will last until November 2nd, 12 PM Pacific Time.

We'll have to see if any other surprises are in store this Halloween in Pokemon Go! .