Central Intelligence Agency dog dropped after turning her nose up at training


Lulu the Labrador Retriever, it seems, couldn't change the fact that she was "not enjoying her job" as a CIA trainee and has been dropped from the agency's puppy class. Sometimes, even when a pup tests well and they successfully learn how to detect explosive odors, they make it clear that being an explosive detection K9 is not the life for them.

Some aren't fortunate enough (or courageous enough) to live by that motto, but a pup in training to sniff out explosives in the Central Intelligence Agency obviously wasn't digging what she was doing, so she's moving on. A pup might begin acting lazy, guessing where the odors are, or just showing a general disregard for whatever is being taught at the moment.

Like humans, dogs can get into a funk when it comes to motivation.

'Sometimes a pup is bored & needs extra playtime, sometimes they need a little break, or it's a minor medical condition like a food allergy, ' read one tweet. Lulu's handler and his family happily took the dog in, giving the energetic pup a new home and a fellow K-9 to play with.

Luckily for Lulu, her handler's family has made a decision to adopt her, so she'll be able to live out her days as a regular dog, rather than one who might get blown up. It is just as important that the dog is as interested in it's job, as its K9 handler.

Despite attempts to motivate her with food and toys, Lulu showed zero interest in sniffing for explosives and "was clearly no longer enjoying herself". "We'll miss Lulu, but this was the right decision for her", they conclude.

- CIA (@CIA)Lulu wasn't interested in searching for explosives.

It is not all bad news for Lulu though, as the photogenic black labrador was adopted by her handler and is now a lady of leisure.

But the story has a happy ending. She also enjoys munching on her meals and snacks.