Garmin Speak puts Amazon Alexa in your auto


The Garmin Speak is priced at $149.99 Dollars and is on sale now in the United States from Amazon or Best Buy. An illuminated LED indicator light is on when the mic is active, ensuring no one is listening when users want privacy. Thanks to voice capture technology with echo cancelation, you can call out Alexa and the Sonos One will hear you - even while playing loud music. Providing you with visual and spoken turn-by-turn directions through an integrated OLED display and built in speaker or Bluetooth/AUX audio as well as access to the variety of supported commands through Alexa.

The Sonos One gadget is a spectacular product that offers fantastic sound quality. If I click the Everywhere button in the Sonos app, I can tell Alexa to play music in any of those rooms, and she'll play the same music all over the house. Now it wants to enter the smart speaker arena which isn't saturated yet. However, when I had the music cranking, I had to shout to make myself heard. As a result, Alexa is super responsive, even while music is playing.

I was using the beta app, since the Sonos One is still running a beta software, but it worked just as well as the original Sonos app. You can just change those settings in the Sonos app. Alexa intelligently lowers, or "ducks" the music, so that both Alexa and the song remain audible. When you do call out for Alexa, the volume on the Sonos one will duck out to a lower volume so that you don't have to shout.

The company is no longer in the spotlight since consumers' attention switched towards Google Home's and Amazon Echo's voice-controlled speakers.

The Sonos One is set to release on October 24 and will be selling for $199.

Sonos only has so much room for slip-ups here, because the One is just one of many smart speakers on the market. Full Spotify voice control is coming "very soon", Sonos says-"likely before the holidays".

Testing this was tricky in our brief time at Amazon HQ, but our experience inside a busy demo room, even when whispering, suggested the new Echo devices shouldn't miss a... skill. My first complaint: Sonos supports more than 80 music services from within its app: Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, LastFM, and many, many more.

Amazon sees the Speak allowing drivers to control smart home devices like lights, locks, and thermostats while on the road, being fed news and traffic updates, adding items to a digital shopping list, ordering take-out, updating a calendar and a host of other tasks available from the Alexa Skills Store. Of course, there's only so far that a compact speaker can go in terms of bass, but it was much more balanced than I expected.

When I switched to Apple Music, I could ask the One to play a song, album, artist or playlist in my music library.