Super NES Classic Edition has already been cracked


NintendoPromotional picture for the Nintendo SNES Classic Mini.

Now the Japanese giant has apparently trademarked the design of the 1989 Game Boy handheld.

Though Nintendo is now more into mobile games, the Game Boy holds a nostalgic value to the fans.

Nintendo may be on the verge of releasing a Classic edition of its iconic Game Boy, a new trademark filing suggests.

It doesn't specify the name on the trademark, but it covers a variety of "home video game console" programs as well as "programs for smartphones", "smartphone cases" and "smartphone covers", as well as "key holders", "necklaces" and "watches".

The folks over at the Japanese site dove into the trademark filing and came back with a lot of information.

Though we wouldn't object to a Game Boy Classic Mini at all, there are some limitations to it. The famous Nintendo console is coming back in stock this week, so if you missed it make sure to grab one before Nintendo discontinues this one too.

There's also a possibility that Nintendo is planning on releasing a new entry in its series of classic consoles: The Game Boy Classic Edition. Though its games would arguably be easier to emulate than those of the Nintendo 64, it'd be hard to create a miniature Game Boy that's affordable and true to the original and include a screen. There were 1,049 games released for the handheld, so Nintendo shouldn't have any trouble choosing a couple of dozen.

Nevertheless, if Nintendo does not come with any such device, you can always play Game Boy cartridges using Hyperkin's Android phone add-on SmartBoy. If the company does move ahead with a mini Game Boy, it could be more on lines with the 2005 Game Boy Micro, and would be priced based on the number of games the company plans to offer with it.