Rohingya not yet a security issue: Bangladesh


In a statement posted on its Twitter feed, the salvation Army of the Rohingya of the Arakan (ARSA) explains that the truce will end on October 9th at midnight.

"If at any stage, the Burmese government is inclined to peace, then ARSA will welcome that inclination and reciprocate", the group said in a statement.

Oct 7:Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged the worldwide community, including the United Kingdom, to intensify pressure on Myanmar to repatriate hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims who crossed into Bangladesh fleeing violence in Myanmar.

"The access we have in northern Rakhine state is unacceptable", Mark Lowcock, the head of the UN's humanitarian office, said in Geneva, Switzerland, this week.

More than 500,000 Rohingya have crossed over to Bangladesh since late August.

According its estimate, as many as 100,000 more Rohingya people may be waiting to cross into Cox's Bazar, already flooded with Rohingyas whom Dhaka called forcibly displaced people.

The Rohingya muslims are one of the minorities of Burma, a majority buddhist.

Scores of Rohingya villages have been torched.

"They pretended like they wanted a war", she said. An equal number had previously fled Myanmar since 1978.

Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) welcomes the decision by Khairy Jamaluddin to engage with the Myanmar embassy with regards to the persecution and killing of ethnic Rohingya in Rakhine, Myanmar.

Robert Watkins, the United Nations resident coordinator in Dhaka, said on Saturday that housing more than 800,000 refugees in a single camp, as planned by Bangladesh for refugees fleeing violence from neighboring Myanmar, would heighten the risk of deadly diseases spreading quickly.

In the squalid refugee settlements sprouting up in Bangladesh, alleged Arsa recruiters say they have enlisted hundreds who are willing to go back to Myanmar to fight.

Watkins said there would be a huge risk of fire spreading easily across a big camp of refugees, adding that Bangladesh should instead look for new sites to build more camps.

An estimated 2,000 Rohingya are arriving in Bangladesh every day, Joel Millman of the International Organization for Migration, told a separate briefing. Two thousand acres (790 hectares) of land next to the existing Kutupalong camp were set aside last month for the new Rohingya arrivals.