Microsoft Edge browser preview version now available for Android and iOS


Microsoft has now announced that it is introducing its Edge browser for platforms like Android and iOS. We want Microsoft Edge to be your favorite browser, with the fundamentals you expect - speed, power efficiency, reliability, security. The app formerly known as Arrow Launcher was a product of the Microsoft Garage, which has since come out with a number of Android apps.

In related news, Microsoft has renamed its Arrow Launcher as Microsoft Launcher.

This is made possible by Microsoft's "Continue to PC" feature that is included in the Edge web browser. Consistent with our engineering approach for Windows 10, we'll be listening to feedback throughout our preview and will update the apps regularly with fixes and new features. For Android users, it will be available soon via Play Store's early access.

As for the availability, the company has said that Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS is launching first in the U.S. However, the company has assured that other countries and languages will be added later as it expands the preview. Firefox is third with 12.85 percent, and Microsoft Edge is the fourth popular browser with just 5.15 percent market share.

As well as Continue to PC, Edge on iOS and Android also includes favourites, reading list, history and e-books which will all sync across devices, as will any saved passwords.

The Microsoft Launcher is now in beta at present, though a gold standard release is expected very soon.

Android tablets and iPad support is also going to be left out in the beginning. With Microsoft Launcher, your recent photos, documents and more can all Continue on PC as well, ' adds Belfiore. The company is leveraging Google's Android WebView control in order to make the Edge browser at par with Chrome on Android.

The Microsoft Launcher, however, is ALL about Windows and getting more Windows-related stuff up and running on peoples' Android phones. But this isn't an evolution of the Arrow launcher. The launcher is a far more useful application of the feature than the browser so to say, and we hope Microsoft takes the features go places. The launcher is based on Microsoft's Fluent Design and is customisable. Swipe right for a tailored feed of important events, top news, favourite people and frequently used apps.