Gun control events with Giffords canceled after mass shooting in Las Vegas


"Thoughts and prayers are important", said Kelly said but added that they fell short.

Gabrielle Giffords turned and shook her fist toward the Capitol Monday after telling lawmakers "the nation is counting on you" to act in the wake of Sunday's mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Gun violence is "not normal, it's not inevitable, it's an epidemic that needs to be cured", Kelly said.

At a candidate forum in Richmond last week, Northam and Gillespie weighed in on what may be a new gun policy issue for the 2018 legislative session: whether cities and counties should be allowed to restrict weapons at volatile political rallies like the chaotic white nationalist gathering in Charlottesville this summer.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said she was "heartsick" for the victims, but said "thoughts and prayers" are not enough while calling for a dialogue on gun violence.

"Awful, terrible scene in Las Vegas", Flake said in a tweet Monday morning. "We have got to do more to prevent events like this moving forward".

He urged Congress to create a committee to investigate gun violence, draft bipartisan legislation requiring background checks for all gun sales and to further regulate sales of assault rifles.

Critics say efforts to ease the restrictions will allow more criminals to use them and will make it hard to detect when and where a shooting is taking place.

Democrats wondered, however, whether the Las Vegas attack would change any minds on Capitol Hill. "We need it NOW", the Massachusetts Democrat wrote on Twitter.

The outlet says Kelly and Giffords co-founded the gun violence prevention organization Americans for Responsible Solutions after Giffords suffered a gunshot to her head at a constituent meeting in a supermarket parking lot on January 8, 2011 in Tucson.

"Let's be clear, there's a difference between speech and action", Gillespie said.

Former President Bill Clinton showed his sympathy for the victims and said what happened in Las Vegas should "be unimaginable in America". This must stop - we must stop this.

"But I am praying for my former colleagues, our elected leaders, too", Giffords said in the statement from her advocacy group Americans for Responsible Solutions. "I know that he has sometimes reacted the way the vast majority of us have reacted which is with absolute consternation about this kind of gun violence and I hope he comes back to that", Raskin said.