SNES Classic Edition gets a very '90s European launch trailer


After driving around a bunch, I'm officially in posession of an SNES Classic! Last year's reboot of the NES Classic Edition console was a surprise hit for Nintendo. Here are 9 games we feel are missing from the SNES Classic.

You can buy 6 foot or 10 foot SNES Classic Controller extension cables that allow you to lean back on the couch and play without going big on wireless controllers.

Video game nerds, people who are stuck in 1992, and a whole lot of other people have been lining up since Thursday to get the newest video game console.

Unfortunately, because it was extremely popular, gamers who didn't manage to pre-order one prior to release were unlikely to get one for the original price. The Tracker in stock alerts are now also available on Twitter.

For 79.99, the bundle comes pre-loaded with 21 games and two controllers along with never seen before titles like Star Fox 2.

Here's a look at where to buy the console when it goes on sale this Friday.


The SNES Classic is and will be in equally high demand, and in the months leading up to its release yesterday, its development has been followed by reports both promising and troubling.

Nintendo promised that it would have more units available for purchase than it did with the NES Classic, and many retailers insisted that they would have the SNES Classic available on launch day, though in limited supply.

Similar to the NES Classic Edition, graphics are pixelated and gritty. Which is nice, because now we can spend our time on more important things, like arguing over which SNES Classic games to play first. You could also pause a game, return to the menu and pick it up again later.

Although the SNES Classic Mini was a no show at E3 2017, we now have the official word from Nintendo about the mini console.

I've opted not to include a gallery of the collection's most obvious perk: the first-ever manual for Star Fox 2.