Peter Dutton Says The NRL Should Play A 'No' Campaign Song Too


The controversy came after conservative commentators hit out at the USA star, who is set to perform his marriage equality anthem Same Love at ANZ Stadium tomorrow night, when Melbourne and North Queensland face off in the NRL grand final.

Malcolm Turnbull insists the vast majority of Australians have dealt with the same-sex marriage survey civilly and respectfully - including Tony Abbott.

The song was written in support of same-sex marriage, the Huffington Post reported.

"I need to figure out what that looks like, and how to do that, but that is something I am going to do".

Footy fans shouldn't be subjected to a politicised grand final.

"Yo the NRL hooked me up, I got some Tim Tams, I got some Arnotts, I got some ANZACs, I got some koalas, some of these", the rapper said in the video.

For those that have not yet completed their same-sex marriage survey, you have just a little over five weeks to do so.

In response, Macklemore told radio station POWER 106 he promised to "go harder" during his performance despite "angry, old white dudes" trying to stop him.

But numerous conservative politicians and even a few former rugby players are adamantly against the performance, with former player Tony Wall starting a petition which had gained more than 14,000 signatures as of Friday.

Thanks to the controversy, "Same Love" has reached the top of the iTunes chart and the top of the iTunes video chart.

"Don't use our dime and don't use our time to try and convince us of a political argument that you're putting", he said. They've got a great artist, he'll sing his top hits, that's one of them. Results of the postal vote, estimated to cost $120 million, are non-binding, and expected to be released on November 15.

Macklemore's new single is now the top song on iTunes in Australia as of Friday morning, while the song he'll be performing at the weekend, the 2013 hit "Same Love", had returned to the top 20.

Before heading to Australia, Macklemore told a United States radio station he was getting "a lot of tweets from angry old white men in Australia who I think there was a petition today to ban me from playing (Same Love)".