Parkway High School Threatens Students Who Don't Stand For Anthem


They don't want their friends and family members and classmates to be treated differently because of the color of their skin or their gender. "No matter what race you are", Williams said.

Numerous players on the Garland High School team kneeled during the anthem and raised their fists up at the end of its playing.

This year's team features the No. 1 player in Louisiana, five-star wide receiver Terrace Marshall, the No. 2 player, four-star TCU-bound quarterback Justin Rogers, and the No. 23 player, safety Israel Mukuamu, who is heading to Florida State.

In an open letter, Bossier Schools Superintendent Scott Smith, who oversees the district of 34 public school schools, demonstrates his gross misunderstanding of the reason National Football League players like Colin Kaepernick and others from other sports have chosen to "take a knee" in respectful protest.

National anthem protests returned to the forefront in the past week following the president's comments about NFL players taking a knee for the anthem.

NFL players have said they're not protesting the national anthem or the flag. "He's fired. He's fired".

It sounded an alarm for Catholic and public high schools alike around nation, including in Minnesota.

Following my last BLOG on yesterday about how ME high school basketball players and other ME high school athletes may try to imitate TV's Pro NFL Football non-participation activities, NBA and College D-1 Basketball style of play a question popped up in my mind.

Our district stance is reflective of the values held not only at Bossier Schools, but throughout our great parish. "This is contradictory to our qualities as Americans and a risk to understudies' sacred rights", said ACLU of Louisiana official executive Marjorie Esman. Her great-grandfather fought for the Union Army at Gettysburg, her ancestors fought in the Spanish-American War and World War I and her father was in World War II. "We are not public institutions and free speech in all of its demonstrations, including protests, is not a guaranteed right". "Failure to comply will result in loss of playing time and/or participation as directed by the head coach and principal", wrote Waylon Bates, principal of Parkway High School.

We can debate this issue until we pass out.

As districts grapple with how to respond, some backing student protests and others clamping down, the letter raises an important question: Can schools punish student athletes who kneel during the national anthem?

"It would be different if we all sat down as a community to discuss why we felt the need to protest", said Zandra Ashley, 34, who is black. "I doubt it, but I think there are some judges who would disagree with me". "You know, some owner is going to do that".

Activists say the law bans schools from punishing non-disruptive protesters. But the demand, like Mr Trump's call, brooks no dissent. As an African-American, he said, he's been the target of racial slurs and discrimination, and athletes have a platform to shed light on inequality and unfairness. I just totally disagree with kneeling.

Numerous fans said they thought any protest was disrespectful, but they understood why someone would do it.