Macklemore gay anthem Same Love tops Australian charts after homophobic censorship demands


Macklemore has dismissed the haters, telling fans that "love is winning" after his marriage equality anthem "Same Love" hit #1 on the Australian iTunes charts just days prior to his controversial performance of the song at the NRL Grand Final.

"I like Tony Abbott, I always have like him but on matters of politics we are on polar opposites", he said.

The surge in the song's popularity would suggest that even if politicians aren't thrilled about Same Love in Australia, the people are cool with it.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott and right-wing independent MP Bob Katter have slammed the NRL for inviting the rapper to perform at the grand final, saying footy fans should not be subjected to a politicised grand final.

"So I need to figure out how to do that and what that looks like, but that is something I am going to do".

Macklemore rehearsing ahead of Sunday's NRL Grand Final.

"So I'm getting a lot of tweets from angry old white men in Australia who I think there was a petition today to ban me from playing it."

The NRL and AFL have backed the yes campaign in the same-sex marriage postal survey.

'I'm gonna go harder, ' he added.

'Macklemore has got some good songs, he's got one of them which made the top ten which doesn't sit well with me politcally.

Wall's petition demands that the NRL "reconsider its political position and remove LBGTIQ politics out of the awesome sport of Rugby League". "It is absolutely ridiculous", Senator Hanson told Channel Seven.

Ballots must be returned by early November, with results due to be released on November 15.

Equality campaign co-leader Alex Greenwich said the financial support came at the critical halfway point in the debate.

There's no legal requirement for Australia to hold a national vote, nor is it a common method of legislating issues, but Turnbull chose the survey as a way to resolve the issue, pledging to pass same-sex marriage is the people vote "yes".

"So it's interesting times in Australia".

"I think people have had up to here with the same-sex marriage issue".

Macklemore's new single is now the top song on iTunes in Australia as of Friday morning, while the song he'll be performing at the weekend, the 2013 hit "Same Love", had returned to the top 20.