Louisiana High School to Punish Athletes for Protesting During Anthem


Numerous players on the Garland High School team kneeled during the anthem and raised their fists up at the end of its playing.

The controversy surrounding athletes kneeling during the national anthem could expand into high schools.

Esman says they haven't heard of any other school districts prohibiting students from this type of protest. "What's more, it would be evidently unlawful for the school to do as such". "Then it loses the intent of what some of those protests are".

A few hours after he took a knee, Garfield High School and Eastside Catholic played in the second game of the night at Memorial Stadium.

"We love our country, we'd never disrespect the flag that was the whole point of us doing it", said Jackson Vikings Varsity Football Defensive Coordinator Antonio Parker. Some have taken a knee previously. Her son, Kameren Ashley, said that he and a teammate silently protested police brutality during the anthem at a game past year by turning their backs to the flag.

"Accordingly, HISD will not mandate nor interfere in the actions of student-athletes in observing or not observing the tradition of standing during the national anthem", according to the statement.

This year's team features the No. 1 player in Louisiana, five-star wide receiver Terrace Marshall, the No. 2 player, four-star TCU-bound quarterback Justin Rogers, and the No. 23 player, safety Israel Mukuamu, who is heading to Florida State.

"That flag stands for the idealism of what freedom is supposed to be, it's not ideal but it's there", his mother Elisha said.

"That's part of being a part of our community", Prybil said.

"I think it's an agenda the schools is trying to put out and that's absolutely wrong", Roland said. It's true that his words chafed against the spirit of free expression, but it is a stretch to say that the president's appeal to National Football League owners violated the constitution. "We may have to encourage our coaches to have some good, open conversations with their athletes again regarding this". In Louisiana, Trump won by 20 percent.

But that hasn't stopped other schools and school leaders from taking a different position.

Bossier Parish School Superintendent Scott Smith told administrators at the system's 34 schools athletes are expected to remain standing and honor the flag during the anthem.

O'Neill said she would support students' First Amendment rights to do so. The MSHSL stated that "sitting or kneeling during the national anthem is a protected First Amendment right, and we can not disallow an athlete of sitting or kneeling during the anthem".

However, Chuck Briscoe, principal and president of Bethlehem Academy in Faribault, expects Cardinals student athletes to stand.

"Outside of a school, the law of the First Amendment would be absolutely crystal-clear, and unfortunately, it's murky in the school setting", LoMonte said.

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