Federation Internationale de Football Association 18 PC Launch Interrupted By Download Issues


If you're a fan of the narrative being told in The Journey, then it's a no-brainer that you should get the other versions.

Federation Internationale de Football Association 18 on the Nintendo Switch does not feature the Frostbite engine but instead features an engine built from the ground up for the console. This solves many problems with playing online, even if it is annoying. Broadcast packages and lineup graphics help add to the realism and depth, moving the video game closer to real life.

I've already taken Federation Internationale de Football Association 18 on Nintendo Switch to the shops with me, I've taken it to bed, I've played at the dinner table, I've played in TV mode and I'll take it with me on holidays later today. However, the most notable is the gameplay overhaul.

Turns out that high street computer game suppliers Game are offering anyone whose actual name is Alex Hunter, Alexandra Hunter, Alexander Hunter or a "reasonable variant of the name" a copy of the game on your console of choice completely free.

You haven't got long to claim it though! Winning matches requires you to play well.

However, FIFA on the Switch will use a "custom engine" based on the Ignite code from FIFA 16. You'll either be playing alone against the computer, online against strangers, or locally in the same room as friends.

As you'd expect the Ronaldo and Icon editions will cost you a little more and come with some extras, but if you're not all that bothered about added Team of the Week loan players and Ultimate Team Gold Packs then you'll no doubt be satisfied with the standard version of the attractive game.

FIFA Ultimate Teams are also on the console and perform exactly how you'd expect.

Squad Battles are a part of Ultimate Team where you earn points to gain rewards, but you won't be able to play them on the Switch version.

People who have already tested this game have found some major issues regarding the PC version of this PC.

The game's tend to improve year on year in terms of gameplay and this year, the action feels much more fluid and fluent - ultimately meaning the game flows better. It is in the small things.

If I'm being nitpicky, it would have been even better if the players and managers weren't just speaking through subtitles, but that's something for EA to bear in mind for next year. Automatic substitutions are an excellent addition to online and versus play, keeping the game flowing rather than having one player pause the game to make a simple change. If you've been waiting for the game to go official, your wait is over. No longer will your opponent put the controller down when they are losing, while pausing the game is nearly redundant with the new automatic substitutions. For many years, EA Sports" slogan has been "It's in the game'. It's bad news if you were expecting some growth from previous year.