Federation Internationale de Football Association 18 out now


The Switch has already proven itself as a brilliant handheld companion, so being able to play the full game (not just the Web App) on the go will give this version the edge.

There are some even more baffling absences.

When you can't install Federation Internationale de Football Association 18, you may need to free up storage space, or you may need to disconnect from the Internet and restart the installation. However, the most notable is the gameplay overhaul. Defending is no longer automatic. The midfield battles are tougher and require more patience. It definitely is something you'll have to get used to. Winning matches requires you to play well. The Weekend League where you play games to qualify for a tournament for better prizes also doesn't make an appearance. That means it'd be up to EA to develop a bespoke solution to enable Federation Internationale de Football Association players to find each other online. Team Styles are perhaps most noticeable in single player modes such as The Journey or Career Mode as opposition teams actually play different tactical philosophies - thankfully, not every team plays in an exhaustive tiki-taka manner anymore - while the quick sub action is useful and helps to cut time down. The most obvious is The Journey, the story mode that allows you to follow the career of Alex Hunter, which simply isn't in the Switch version. However, it plays well as a mobile version of the game, and for some, it may be their only option.

EA Sports made a couple of big calculated risks past year by overhauling the gameplay and graphics through the use of the Frostbite engine for the first time as well as introducing a first-ever story mode; The Journey. It is in the small things. All online games appear to be done via matchmaking, which is a shame.


However, before you go writing strongly worded emails to Electronic Arts, this omission isn't exactly the company's fault.

EA Sports has listened to its huge community with these additions, and this can be seen in the fact that inactive players now get disconnected from games if they fail to attempt to control their players. I was anxious that seasons wouldn't work how they do on other consoles and that there might be a lack of players.

"More than 90 percent of the customers who pre-ordered will get it on or before the India release date in 2017 setting a new record for deliveries on release date for video games in India". For many years, EA Sports" slogan has been "It's in the game'.