Demi Lovato credits family intervention for her sobriety


"I always needed saving", she sings.

Demi Lovato has spoken out about her struggles with addiction, saying that she knew she had to get sober after her parents stopped her from seeing her little sister.

The singer has recently been getting her life in order as she has released new sportswear line and has released her sixth studio album to date titled "Tell Me You Love Me".

According to the Daily Mail, Demi Lovato talked about her decision to get sober on a soon-to-be-released episode of The Jonathan Ross Show. Unbroken also featured co-starring roles for Timbaland and Missy Elliott on "All Night Long" and Jason Derulo on "Together". On top of that, she tagged Demi's account and said "Proud of you @ddlovato this whole album is f-ing incredible". "Or two years, and I wanted to be honest because my fans deserve that".

She added: "I had family and really close friends and my manager, they all were by my side through everything".

She even sent a copy of the tune to the song's subject, and it turned out that person had written a track about their feelings too. The singer now co-owns a treatment facility and is working towards being an inspiration to people with similar issues that she faced in her life.

One fan tweeted: 'demi and nick having feelings for each other is a plot twist I could've never expected f*** got and greys anatomy this is the kind of drama that has me shook in 54 languages'. Lovato claimed that she does not think she would still be alive today without their help.

Fingers crossed we'll hear more about song inspirations in her documentary; for now, though, we'll just be over here streaming Tell Me You Love Me on repeat.

She admitted she knew fans would easily figure out who the song was inspired by, which pretty much guarenteed it would either be a heart-bearing song about her up and down friendship with Selena Gomez or a secret love song about her famous bestie Nick Jonas.

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