US Rep. Anthony Weiner Sentenced to 21 Months in Sexting Scandal


Anthony Weiner leaving Manhattan Federal Court after being sentenced to 21 months in prison, September 25, 2017.

Disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner was sentenced Monday to 21 months in prison, in the most severe penalty yet in connection with the sexting scandal that drove the New York Democrat out of Congress and ruined his marriage.

Earlier this year, Weiner pleaded guilty to transferring obscene material to a minor as part of a deal, in an attempt to reduce the crime's average 10-year sentence.

Devlin-Brown also argued that the 15-year-old teen "induced" the 53-year-old former Congress member and was merely "looking to generate material for a book", noting that she'd sold her story to a British tabloid for $30,000.

She also said that she had first got in contact with Weiner through Twitter, by sending him a direct message to say she was a fan.

"I knew this was as morally wrong, as it was unlawful", Weiner said at his guilty plea in May.

The investigation into Weiner's sexting case played a role in last year's 2016 presidential election, when authorities found emails on his laptop from Ms Abedin, who was a senior aide to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

His lawyers had asked a US District Judge for probation instead of jail.

"The crime I committed was my rock bottom", Weiner reportedly said during his sentencing on Monday. Weiner agreed not to appeal any sentence between 21 and 27 months in prison. The defense requested that Weiner be held at a prison in Westchester to be closer to his son. Over the next few hours Weiner exchanged messages with her that ranged "from the mundane to the provocative".

"Something more and different is required, beyond personal and professional consequences, beyond the collateral consequences that he has faced before, beyond the scrutiny of the public, all of which have failed to sufficiently deter him in the past", she said.

In her new memoir, "What Happened", Clinton revealed that Weiner's wife "looked stricken" and burst into tears upon learning her husband had triggered Comey's "October surprise".

The scandal - which destroyed his career and marriage - came to light in the closing days of the 2016 United States election.

Abedin, who has filed for divorce from Weiner, did not appear in court today.

The disclosure prompted FBI Director James Comey to reopen the Clinton email investigation in the waving days of the election.