Pakistan has uprooted all militant sanctuaries in the region: PM Abbasi


The confusion caused by the voice of the prime minister, who is an inexperienced politician and termed "a manager at best" by Pakistan's own media, does Islamabad no favour as far as improving relations with Washington and ensure more aid. "And today the cross-border incursions, if they happen, are from Afghanistan into Pakistan to attack our forces", Abbasi asserted.

He claimed, "Pakistan is a responsible global citizen, and we've shown a responsibility on the ground with this huge war on terror that we've been fighting for the last 15 years".

According to Iran's Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Rouhani also said that Iran attaches great importance to the expansion of relations with Pakistan.

During his meeting with Pence, Abbasi also expressed concern over the greater role that Trump advocated for India in his new Afghan policy.

He said Pakistan was open to any suggestions that would bring peace to Afghanistan. However, Abbasi said, "We don't foresee any political or military role for India in Afghanistan". He said Pakistan was anxious more than anybody else on the situation in Afghanistan and that his government was ready to eliminate terrorism which has badly shaken the region.

"Abbasi claimed that Pakistan has never billed the United States forces for ground or air logistics across its territory". Not only this, he lied to world by denying the presence of terror safe haven in Pakistan and made demands like - no political or military role for India in Afghanistan, implementation of United Nations resolution in Kashmir etc.

"No, no. We can not condone that". He mentioned the large scale military operation launched by the Pakistan army against the terrorists and said over 200,000 of its troops were on the hunt for any miscreants.

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said Pakistan has a fully secure, reliable and robust nuclear command and control system under a full civilian oversight. Pence said that the United States valued its relationship with Pakistan, which has been a long-term ally in the region. He said after the visit that there was harmony on the Afghan issue there too, were concerns over the new U.S. policy for South Asia.

The prime minister said Myanmar must create favourable conditions for the safe return of all Rohingya refugees and grant legitimate rights including citizenship, communal participation and representation and freedom of movement, to the Rohingya, as equal citizens of Myanmar.