Four reasons why Apple's iOS 11 software update rocks


So the choice is: update now and, on top of the usual point-zero Apple release bugs, lose access to Outlook and Exchange and have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth stuck on - or don't upgrade and don't get the security fixes.

Here's a final oddity to note: if you disable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from Control Center, they will automatically be fully re-enabled when it's 5 AM local time or after you restart your device. It's a bit convoluted for the average user who thinks they are toggling the radio off completely when they tap on the Control Center icon, though. All you have to do is move your finger very slightly and press down. Revamped Control Center is one of them.

Movement is generally lax and not time-sensitive, so controls shouldn't be of too much concern there, and you've got to imagine the line-tracing puzzles themselves control like a dream with touch. Because Uber changed the app completely to reflect the new policies, as Business Insider points out, those using it on iOS 10 or earlier will also find the third location privacy option has been restored.

This might seems like a bug, but this is exactly what Apple meant to do. But here are some tips and tricks that every iOS 11 software users should know. It extends battery life and improves cellular connection.

The situation is further complicated because both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will turn back on automatically under specific circumstances.

There's nothing more exciting about this update, although it brings a variety of improvements to your older iOS devices including a few other useful features.

The new Control Center has been specially re-designed and now fits in one page, so you don't need to swipe. Leaving Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled is going to consume some power, even if it's only a modest amount.

Turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi reduces your exposure to potential attacks to hardware, firmware and software, so "it's good practice", Barisani told Motherboard. If you do use these peripherals and features, obviously this advice does not apply.

For years it has been a doodle to switch off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you're not using them.