Irving: No cares about LeBron's feelings when leaving Cavs


In a show that has become famous for it's fireworks and epic shouting matches between it's hosts, Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman, Irving appeared calm and measured as he addressed the trade and whether or not he let Cleveland's other star player know beforehand that he was unhappy and wanted to move on.

That sustained success made it surprising when Irving asked to be traded this offseason.

Irving: Why would I have to?

"I want to be extremely, extremely happy, like, in perfecting my craft".

"It never came from the fact of me wanting to be absolutely selfish and absolutely putting myself first, wanting to be the man", he said.

Irving finished by saying he doesn't care if anyone (i.e. LeBron) took his decision personally.

Asked by Smith if he spoke to James before asking Cleveland for a trade, Irving confirmed he didn't, with a simple "no".

"I don't think you anything to another person in terms of figuring out what you want to do with your life".

And while Irving hasn't seemed to have had much recent interaction with James, he won't have to wait long for his next encounter with his former teammate.

A price can't be put on happiness, Irving said. I'm not here to go at any particular person nor the organization, because I have nothing but love for Cleveland.

Irving said he had "nothing but love" for Cleveland and the six years he played there, but that "there comes a time when you mature". There is no looking back from that standpoint.

An inquisitive Smith then asked Irving if his trade request was "something that had been percolating for a while". "And that was the only the intent that I had in all of this".

Irving, who is now a four-time All Star and National Basketball Association champion at the young age of 25, had a short list of teams that he preferred to play for in the event of a trade, including the San Antonio Spurs, New York Knicks, and Miami Heat (to name a few).