Hope Hicks Officially Becoming White House Communications Director


Hope Hicks, a longtime aide to President Trump, will become the new White House communications director, NBC News reported on air early Tuesday.

She handled several projects at the Trump organization including Ivanka Trump's fashion line.

Hicks has been with President Donald Trump since before he entered politics and is known to have his trust.

She was among the first to join Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. According to the New York Times, Hicks even has a personal thank you note from the president on her desk that reads: "Hopie-You're the greatest!"

Ms. Hicks, 28, was reluctant to take the job of communications director, but has been one of Mr. Trump's closest aides since before the start of his run for the presidency.

In May she was mocked on social media after issuing a rare statement in response to a Washington Post article that suggested Mr Trump belittles his staff in private.

It's hard to keep up with changes in the Trump administration.

Hicks had taken on the role of communications director on an interim basis since last month.

'He doesn't just put milquetoast women around him, he puts strong, very outspoken women in very powerful positions and in the first time in history we also have a female communications director, ' Huckabee Sanders said pointing to Hicks.

Prior to joining the political elite, Hicks worked as a Ford model as a teenager. She's also among the highest-paid employees of Trump's White House.