North Koreans Have Nothing to Celebrate on the Country's Birthday


The US condemnation of the North Korean nuclear and missile tests, which violate the UNSC resolutions, was actually meant to hide Washington's own warmongering nature, the official stated, adding that his country develops weapons only to protect itself.

"This evening, the United States informed the UN Security Council that it intends to call a meeting to vote on a draft resolution to establish additional sanctions on North Korea on Monday, September 11", a statement from the USA mission to the UN read.

Tensions between the U.S. and North Korea are at an all time high.

"Nothing's inevitable", Trump said in a news conference on Thursday at the White House with the emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah.

"For some reason with North Korea we have a big issue", Rodman said.

Several U.S. military vehicles, including trucks carrying payloads covered in black sheets that appeared to be launchers, had been seen heading toward the site.

He said: "Each new day equipment is delivered, new and lovely equipment, the best in the world".

"Hopefully, we're not going to have to use [military force] on North Korea".

Asked whether he was considering a military response to North Korea, Trump said: "Certainly, that's not our first choice, but we will see what happens".

When asked if he would tolerate a nuclear armed - but contained and deterred - North Korea, the President refused to give a definitive answer. So while China emphasized "China's role" and France emphasized "new pressure", they both offered "dialogue" as being the ultimate goal.

But I can tell you that North Korea's behaving badly and it's got to stop, OK?

But Russia - which exports 40,000 tons of oil to North Korea per quarter, according to the Kremlin - has dismissed a US plan to choke off the country's oil supply.

United Nations chief Antonio Guterres has condemned North Korea's latest nuclear and missile tests and offered to support any effort to denuclearise the Korean peninsula.

"We too, are against North Korea developing its nuclear capabilities and condemn it, but it is worrying cutting the oil pipeline will harm the regular people, like in hospitals", Putin said, according to the South Korean presidential official.

"Because we firmly support our respected supreme leader comrade Kim Jong-un, our country will become stronger as a self-reliant, nuclear power, and we will have a great future", said Pak Kum-hyang, a Pyongyang citizen who came up the city's Mansu Hill to visit the bronze statues of the late leaders. US Ambassador Nikki Haley told the UN Security Council that Washington would present a new sanctions resolution to be negotiated in the coming days, but Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday rejected US calls for more sanctions as "useless".

Yesterday, the USA submitted a resolution to the UN Security Council that would slap an oil embargo on North Korea and freeze the assets of leader Kim Jong-Un, setting up a potential clash with China.

But Wang also stressed that "sanctions and pressure" must be go hand in hand with "dialogue and negotiation" with Pyongyang.

In June, Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies launched a coordinated diplomatic and economic campaign to isolate Qatar, which they accuse of backing extremist groups.