Here's how Xbox One games will handle mouse and keyboard support


We run two platforms; the Xbox platform and windows platform. At PAX this weekend in Seattle, Xbox's Mike Ybarra reaffirmed the company's commitment to making mouse and keyboard control schemes happen on the Xbox One, but stressed that implementation would be left up to developers. "We'll leave it a lot to the developer choice", Mike Ybarra said during a panel discussion at PAX.

Ybarra ends the question by saying that support for the devices will be coming soon.

I imagine that it would be game gifting coming soon, with the holiday season fast approaching.

Speaking on a Mixer broadcast, Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft encouraged users to get an Xbox One X as soon as possible, because he noted that as of right now, Microsoft fully anticipates that the console will sell out after launch.

There is no denying that FPS fans, who use a mouse and keyboard, will have an incredible accuracy advantage over the console players.

Greenberg then talked about a newly-announced partnership with Samsung, and the TV manufacturer is going to be promoting Xbox One X "everywhere they go", including their ads.

The connection will be extended into Samsung's Smart Hub operating system on the QLED TVs, which will automatically recognize the Xbox One X console on connection, and will program the remote to recognize a "Game Mode" voice command to optimize audio and video settings for gaming.

Even if this seems a frightful news, it's no big deal as the Xbox One S has always been a better option according to most reviews.

Microsoft is going to coach developers as well as studios to ensure they add the feature, because there is the potential for problems with imbalance to take place. In fact, it's why Microsoft killed its cross-platform push in 2010 (PC gamers wrecked console players every time). The capacity to develop something this supportive input is truly trustworthy and massive, we'll just have to wait for the developers interest whether they do it or not.