Huawei unveils their Kirin 970 chipset for mobile AI computing


Huawei has launched its latest chipset, Kirin 970 at the IFA 2017. "This is the latest technology and it is the first chip to have a neural processing unit inside, which is 20 times faster than a central processing unit", said Richard Yu, chief of Huawei's consumer business group, at the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin on September 2.

Huawei will be launching its new flagship phone next month which uses artificial intelligence (AI) powered features such as instant image recognition, to be the front runner of the mobile industry. The all-new Kirin 970 chipset will be the successor to last year's Kirin 960.

The chipset, built on a 10nm manufacturing process with 5.5 billion transistors crammed into an area measuring just one cm², features an octa-core CPU and 12-core GPU.

Huawei plans to employ its on-device AI to perform a multitude of tasks, such as, but not limited to, memory allocation, UI rendering, camera image processing, load balancing, and task scheduling. The Kirin 970 has even an i7 sensor processor, iNSE and TEE security engines and support for Hi-Fi audio.

Yu added that the speed and low power requirement of the Kirin 970 will give its smartphones an edge over the iPhone 8 and the Galaxy Note 8.

No word yet on which devices will be the first to utilize Huawei's Kirin 970 or when they'll arrive.

The Shenzhen-based company is due to release its Mate 10 series in Munich, Germany on October 16, according to Yu. The processor will enable AI on all future phones, courtesy of a NPA (neural processing unit) which Huawei CEO Richard Yu states can offer 25 times the performance, with 50 times the power efficiency of a quad-core Cortex-A73 cluster.

The Chinese network company says that its new Kirin 970 chip is faster and uses less power than those of Apple and Samsung. This includes processing all the real-time, personalized data that's generated by a phone's sensors, and in turn fulfilling Huawei's goal of providing a personalized experience.