Red Cross Offering 2nd Hurricane Volunteer Training In Bryan Sunday Afternoon


They're going to load up between 4 to 6 trailers full of supplies, including water, snacks, first aid supplies and other basics.

Thousands are seeking help and rescue in Houston, Texas after Tropical Storm Harvey slammed into the coast and caused major flooding in and around the city. The Red Cross trains and mobilizes more than 5,300 volunteers who support the delivery of services throughout the state.

"I know that we have over 200 of these vehicles that are now in route going to Texas, not all of them coming from the Washington area", said Benjamin.

The volunteers are rotated out after two weeks, he said the Red Cross will be in the area hit by the hurricane as long as it is needed.

As Texas feels the wrath of Hurricane Harvey, groups of volunteers and other organizations in Pennsylvania are traveling to the Lone Star State to lend a hand.

The Southern Arizona Chapter of the American Red Cross is sending three additional volunteers to assist with Hurricane Harvey efforts.

A team from Miami-Dade's Urban Search and Rescue Task Force run to board a U.S. Marine helicopter that will help get them to remote areas hit by a devastating natural disaster in Turkey. "They're priceless. They can search an area faster and more efficiently than any human or any scientific tool", Wong said.

The Red Cross estimates 30,000 people will need a shelter in coming days.

Upon completion of this training, volunteers will be official Red Cross shelter workers and will be trained to assist in the opening, organizing, operating and closing of a Red Cross shelter.

Four people with the American Red Cross in Savannah recently left to help and many more are on the way later this week.

Donations enable the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to and help people recover from the storm and its aftermath.