NYC Mayor considering removing statue of Columbus


She probably thought she would score easy political points by attacking de Blasio for ordering a 90=day review of all "symbols of hate" on city property.

He announced its creation after deadly violence erupted in Charlottesville, Va., when white supremacist groups clashed with protesters around the removal of a statue of Confederate Army Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Mark-Vivirito told the New York Post that "There obviously has been ongoing dialogue and debate in the Caribbean, particularly in Puerto Rico where I'm from, that there should be no monument or statue of Christopher Columbus, based on what he signifies to the native population".

"It's Columbus today and who knows who will be on this secret list tomorrow", Borelli said.

Earlier in the week, one of de Blasio's key allies in the city council spoke out against the statue, calling Columbus a "controversial figure" for many.

Mark-Viverito recently said a city commission scrapping symbols of hate should take a look at the Genoa-born explorer's 59th St. statue. "We have to look at history, we have to look at it thoroughly and clearly, and he is a controversial figure".

Catholics in cities across the country experienced discrimination back in the '20s, The Catholic News Agency noted in a 2016 report. Diane Savino added, "Italians are everywhere in this state".

As CBS2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer explained, the Great Kills National Park on Staten Island might not be as tony a neighborhood as Manhattan's Columbus Circle, but congressman Dan Donovan said it would make a great home for the statue of Christopher Columbus.

Joe Guagliardo, chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major Italian American Organizations, warned: "I represent over 60 organizations, over a million members, and I can promise you this, at the parade this year we will remember who our friends are".

On Monday, Oct. 9, de Blasio is expected to march in the Columbus Day Parade, according to his office, and some of his critics are warning that he could suffer politically if he removes the statue of the explorer.

Columbus is a figure with a complicated history - while he is often celebrated in history books for having "discovered" the Americas.

On Thursday, Italian-American politicians gathered at city hall to denounce any effort to take down the statue.

"What it suggests is the memory of the Italian-Americans that contributed to building this city, the very buildings that we engage in commerce in, that government sits in", the assemblyman said.