Trump diverges from Cornyn, Cruz on NAFTA


In 1991, bilateral talks began with Mexico, which Canada joined.

That the US-Canadian trade relationship would be a bigger deal for Canada than for the United States is in some ways merely to be expected.

"There's not enough red meat to be gained in the NAFTA modernization to satisfy those voters", Ujczo said.

NDP global trade critic Tracy Ramsey also said the Liberals need to get some reassurances from the Americans they are bargaining in good faith, but be prepared for things to go off the rails.

It is clear that companies in the United States are actively engaging their government on NAFTA-related issues, and any stakeholders that fail to engage with their own government may find their interests ignored or compromised at the negotiations table for an updated NAFTA.

In this case, however, the entire NAFTA renegotiation process is happening only because Donald Trump campaigned on doing it and insisted on formally triggering the treaty's renegotiation provision back in mid-May. Donald Trump has promised to make changes to NAFTA or withdraw his country simply.

The former deputy trade czar under Barack Obama said it's an obvious move and he thinks the president made it too early. "They are following the trade objectives Congress gave them". "That the more we can open up foreign markets, the more we can open up the Mexican market, the Canadian market to our goods and services, the better".

"We're going to stay focused on what we've always known and what we've always said, that the North American Free Trade Agreement has resulted in millions of good jobs on both sides of the Canada-US border and is of benefit to both Canadians and Americans", he said during a news conference in Montreal.

NAFTA erased most trade barriers separating the U.S., Canada and Mexico and fostered a rapid rise in commerce and closer diplomatic ties among the three countries. The deal involves Canada, the USA, and Mexico.

"There's not enough red meat to be gained in the NAFTA modernization to satisfy those voters", Ujczo said. But he also touted Mexico as Texas' largest trading partner - noting that Texas sends more exports there than any other state - and predicted an improved trade agreement after negotiations.

The United States and Canada both say that they want to modify NAFTA to include more robust labor rights and environmental standards.

"As long as you're continuing to throw out these bluffs and things of that nature, the day could easily come when countries ... decide to just say, 'Fine, we'll go negotiate with someone else, '" Young said and warned: "There's an very bad lot of gains that we've made over the past 20-plus years".

He has since ordered a re-negotiation and the first five-day round of the those talks has taken place, ending this past Sunday.