Gary Sanchez propels Yankees past Tigers, 10-2


Earlier in the game, Tigers starter Michael Fullmer hit Yankees star Gary Sanchez with a pitch.

It started in the sixth when Detroit's Miguel Cabrera shoved and punched NY catcher Austin Romine after a pitch from Tommy Kahnle sailed behind him.

Moments before the outburst, Yankees manager Joe Girardi had been tossed for arguing about Kahnle's ejection.

Following the delay for closer Aroldis Chapman to enter the game, Cabrera approached Yankees catcher Romine and exchanged words with him.

Following that, though, Cabrera got into a tussle with NY catcher Austin Romine, which resulted in both players on the ground and a full-blown melee involving both dugouts and bullpens.

Five players were ejected, along with both managers and the Yankees' bench coach.

An inning later, Betances hit McCann in the helmet with a pitch, causing benches to empty again, and Betances and bench coach Rob Thompson were tossed.

Todd Frazier was then hit in the top half of the eighth inning with Detroit's Alex Wilson being ejected as was manager Brad Ausmus, after the benches cleared again.

"I mean, pay attention", said Girardi, who also criticized Torres's command of the strike zone and complained that Ausmus had directed an expletive at Brett Gardner.

You may not have been looking for a Thursday afternoon prelim to the McGregor vs Mayweather fight this weekend, but if you were watching the matchup between the Tigers and Yankees, that's pretty much what you got. Yankees reliever Tommy Kahnle appeared to retaliate, throwing behind Miguel Cabrera. Betances, whether it was intentional or not, was ejected.

While this incident could have easily been avoided had the umpires taken action after Fulmer hit Sanchez in the fifth inning, no one predicted the Cabrera and Romine going at it.

Romine and Cabrera were both ejected from the game, per Evan Woodbery of MLive Media Group.

Players from both dugouts and bullpens poured onto the field in wild scenes as Romine was ejected for the first time in his career and Cabrera for the ninth. Jose Iglesias followed with a bases-clearing double to give the Tigers a 9-6 lead.