Barcelona's Twitter Got Hacked Because When It Rains It Pours


Barcelona confirmed their social media accounts had been hacked after the LaLiga giants appeared to announce the signing of Angel Di Maria.

Di Maria is now with PSG but was a former Real Madrid player making the potential transfer a sure fire way for the hackers to grab some attention.

A day after the hacks, it remains unclear who hacked into Barcelona's social media accounts and for what goal. The Facebook account of CNN, Twitter accounts of Netflix, Marvel and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have fallen prey to the hacker.

And the group were not finished there as they issued a call to action to get the incident trending.

The club tweeted that they had signed Lionel Messi only to later delete it and then screenshot it apologising that they had been 'hacked'. "We're working to solve the problem as soon as possible". "#DiMariaFCB", the hijacked Twitter account wrote in a series of tweets. "Thanks for your patience".

Another tweet by OurMine was eventually posted claiming responsibility for the hack and offering an apology.

Many Barcelona followers were perplexed by the message on Twitter, knowing very well that Angel I Maria was settled at Paris St. Germain and has also played for their arch rivals Real Madrid.

In today's example, it's fans of one of the world's top football clubs, FC Barcelona, who are having their legs pulled.