The Patriots gave Donald Trump a Super Bowl ring


The Patriots have made five visits to the White House after each of their five Super Bowl titles, all since the 2001 season.

The team gave the president a jersey and a helmet, which are the normal gifts a president receives when a team visits the White House.

Trump and Kraft have a long-running friendship that both men have acknowledged publicly.

Now, the next time Trump gets together for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, they can show off their Patriots Super Bowl rings.

Previously the team visited the White House in 2015 when Barack Obama was in office, but the president was not given a Super Bowl ring during that visit. Those rings were crafted in 10-karat white gold and featured 280 diamonds with the words "World Champions" on the front. No exact price tag was given for the ring's cost, but the 2015 rings were valued at $36,500 each.

According to James, Kraft decided that the ring was fitting because the Patriots were the first professional sports team to visit during Trump's administration. In that conversation, Scaramucci said Kraft gave Trump "the ring for last year's game".

Kraft also donated $1 million to Trump's inauguration.

According to the team's vice president of media relations Stacey James, the ring had Trump's name engraved on it.

According to USA Today, because of the amount of gifts that US presidents receive gifts from foreign leaders, there is a value limit to gifts accepted by presidents. The current value on a gift a president may accept is capped at $375.