Taylor Swift Is Acting Strange On Social Media


What the hell, right?

First up we have fan tshifty, who has this epic masterpost laying out all the subtle hints you might just have missed.

Many can't wait for new Taylor Swift music. Here are some of the biggest, just to catch you up. But upon closer inspection, it looks like some sort of lizard tail, I think?

And, as if a new song from Tay wasn't exciting enough, apparently the music video for said song will drop at the same time.

Other possible clues pointed out by fans online regarding new music include Swift's Vevo lists 77 songs with only 73 visible, and her page says there are 141 videos yet only 140 are available. They also called the song "poppy".

In it, West raps: "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / I made that bitch famous", in reference to the 2009 MTV Music Awards where he infamously interrupted her acceptance speech and claimed the award should've gone to someone else.

The new posts came three days after the social media scrub.

T-Swift has obviously been associated with the snake emoji since the whole Taylor-Kim-Kanye feud of 2016, after which Instagram brought in updates to stop people spamming her posts with it. Firstly the site went totally black, then white, then back to black again. Only time - and more Insta' posts - will tell.

The video is of a reptilian-looking appendage, and debates now rage as to whether it is a snake, or a dragon tail. In some ancient cultures, they believed the cause of an eclipse was a dragon eating the sun. It looks like Taylor is readying her anticipated sixth album.

Alongside hosting the show, Katy Perry is also a confirmed performer at the 2017 VMA's.

The "Bad Blood" hitmaker cleared out her Instagram and Twitter pages on Friday (US time) without warning, but on Monday a new video was added to both of the accounts. Are you exhausted yet?

There's also this Instagram, which an exec from Taylor's record label apparently posted a year ago and which just so happens to show the exact time the eclipse was at its peak in NY yesterday.

The unusual footage - which has racked up 4,785,392 views so far - marks the first time the Shake It Off singer has shared anything with her 102million followers in months.