McGregor: Mayweather Would Need To Reincarnate Bruce Lee!


While the American boxing superstar didn't discuss the results of the fight, he compared Pacquiao's choice of the low-profile Horn to his last professional fight with Andre Berto, using Horn to have a dig at the Filipino. This is the biggest wild card in the fight and along with his self-belief and a Powerball punch gives him the best shot at pulling off an otherwise unlikely upset. "Mayweather will win this fight, for sure". He got mauled. He got absolutely mauled in that fight.

McGregor is planning to go for an early knockout - with his official prediction being a knockout within a four round span. Mayweather is also claiming to make it a real fight by not being defensive and instead choosing to take the fight to McGregor.

McGregor says Mayweather would have to bring back Bruce Lee himself in order to prepare for this contest.

Both fighters are expected to earn up to $100m (£79m) from the bout.

But surely the 29-year-old McGregor, the UFC's featherweight and lightweight champion, has got to have at least the vestige of a chance, doesn't he?

"None of those names interest me at this present time".

Mayweather uncle Jeff Mayweather said over and over again in recent weeks that this fight is going to be like his nephew's fight with Arturo Gatti many years ago. "A lot longer than all his other previous opponents". That referee is fully kitted, point deductions, and it's a full on fight.

After much hype they are almost due to meet, with the pair taking to the ring in Las Vegas next Saturday night.

"We're ready to go put on the performance of a lifetime". I think what Conor is going to produce in the T-Mobile on the 26th is nothing short of a seismic shock.