Floyd Mayweather is 'scared' of fighting me - UFC champion


On Friday following the Conor McGregor open workouts for the media, the Internet was buzzing over two clips Dana White released of McGregor's infamous sparring session with former two-weight boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi.

Looks like Floyd Mayweather Jr. was serious when he said he was willing to let Conor McGregor wear eight-ounce gloves when they fight.

During his incredible UFC career, which has seen him gain global fame and become the face of the organisation, McGregor has used 4oz gloves, therefore, it will not be a shock that he welcomes anything that could give him a slight edge over Mayweather.

But he quit after being angered by photos from a sparring session that appeared on social media - pictures which he believed gave an inaccurate impression of actual events in the gym.

Bob Bennett, the NSAC's executive director, told Sky Sports for a story posted to its website Thursday that the commission will consider McGregor's request at its next meeting, scheduled for Wednesday in Las Vegas.

He added: "The spars were not good for him". He took a lot of head trauma. The sparring partners that were in the house with him were anxious that night, saying he's incoherent, he's stumbling.

White posted another video that shows McGregor landing some pretty strong punches against Malignaggi.

It seems like one image sent him over the image, where Malignaggi was on the canvas and he continually denied that he was knocked down, instead claiming that the UFC lightweight champion pushed him and wanted the UFC to release unedited footage.

"Sparring partners who were [staying] in the house with him were anxious about him".

Despite the fact his fight against Pacquiao, which drew a $72 million gate and more than $400 million in pay-per-view revenue, was widely criticized, this bout with McGregor will generate an obscene amount of money.

"I have been boxing my whole life so this is not a new experience for me".

"He tried his best, but he got his ass whooped", said McGregor. He was badly, badly concussed after those rounds.

"I don't know what happened". "You cant prepare for me, you can't prepare for me".